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  1. Lado Darakhvelidze (b.1977 Kutaisi, Georgia) is based in The Netherlands.

    Lado Darakhvelidze’s artistic practice focuses primarily on the phenomena of information media and their sociopolitical impacts. In his work he deals with social and political changes and represents these in personal narratives. In his previous work, he reflected subtly and poetically on the transitions and relocations of national symbols in post-communist countries, expanding the political to encompass mythology, history, and storytelling.

    Darakhvelidze’s work has been shown at the eleventh Istanbul Biennial, What keeps mankind alive (2009), Biennale Cuvee, Linz (2010), The Kitchen / CEC Artslink New York’s One Big City (2013) and Manifesta 10, among others.

    In 2012 Darakhvelidze joined the Artist Pension Trust.

    Lado Darakhvelidze
    Beekstraat 98
    6811 DZ Arnhem
    The Netherlands
    +31 (0)6 81151193