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  1. Transformers St. Petersburg (2014)
    Manifesta 10

    The project Transformers St. Petersburg arose from the narratives of the resourceful labor force of legal and illegal migrants, who with limited resources and opportunities, are ‘making do’ in Russia today.  Transformers is an ode to the creative and resilient attitude needed to survive in contemporary Russian society. This “transformer attitude” stands in sharp contrast to the general perception of immigrants, and within Russian in particular.

    An online version appeared as a digital tribute to those who were harmed for trying to make a living, or who had the courage to speak their minds or participate in non-violent actions.  It serves as a virtual monument for those who were injured or killed for being non-Slavic.The map is drawn from the narratives of the resourceful migrant labor force and the people who offer their solidarity to them. www.transformers-stpetersburg.com

    Concept, research and drawings: Lado Darakhvelidze
    Editor: Rosell Heijmen
    Design: Thomas Boland
    Translations: Albina Yarullina
    Copy editor: Anik Fournier